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Disposable PVC Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuits With Double Water Traps Tube
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Product: Views:28Disposable PVC Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuits With Double Water Traps Tube 
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Disposable PVC breathing strength circuit with double water traps tube





Disposable breathing circuit is used with ventilators and anaesthetic apparatus as an air link to deliver anesthesia gases, oxygen and other medical gases into the body of a patient, especial for deliver oxygen gases.


Why to Choose Our Disposable breathing circuit?


1. Transparent nontoxic Smooth Bore hoses;


2.Excellent bend capability;


3.Offer a simple, convenient and efficient passage for clinic gas delivery;


4.Disposable Anesthesia breathing circuit with water traps


5.Mainly used for surgical anesthesia, oxygen and CPR;


6.DEHP free is available and non-glue smells.


7.CE, ISO 13485 approved.





Smooth Bore breathing circuit is made medical materials, innoxious, odorless with favorable transparence. This item is used in a preferential-flow T-piece and critical care ventilations. It is combined with Tracheal Tube or HMEF, and respiratory machine or anesthesia machine, to build a convenient and efficient passage for clinic gas delivery such as anesthetic gas, oxygen gas.


This device can be connected with multiple medical equipment such as  ventilators, oxygen- machines, inhaled painless delivery instruments, and emergency breathing apparatus. A variety of specifications are available.

1. Breathing Circuit is made up of Parallel wye, tube, cuff and breathing bag. They are made of special material, the Smooth Bore tubes have a good flexibility and bending resistance, not meander, not broken which make sure to supply air smoothly in mechanical ventilation


2. Breathing Circuit uses standard cuff which can connect reliable with monitoring devices and use simple and convenient in clinical;


3. Consist of 2 smoothly corrugated hoses, smooth bore tube, expand tube.


4.  It has no irritation on human skin and mucosa, and no allergic reaction and other damage;


5. Light weight, enhancing patient’s comfort


6. Tube Length: 1.5 m, 1.8m and 2.0m available or depends on your requirements.


7. Standard connector: 15 and 22mm


8. Reservoir bag, filter, anesthesia mask, extra limb are available upon customers request


9. Match all kinds of anaesthetic and breathing machines


10. Customized tube colors and lengths are accepted


11. Child type and adult type are available




How to use:


1. Open the package and get the product;


2. Connect the circuit connector with the suction port and exhalation of ventilator machine;


3. Put the oxygen mask connector with the suction port of ventilator circuit ;


4. Do not place pressure on the hard part of the oxygen mask against patient


5. Make the anesthesia and oxygen according to clinical needs;




1. Do not wash or soak with water


2.Do not disinfect


3.This product is a one-time use only and destroyed after using; 


4.Prohibition of use with damaged package; 


5.The asepsis term of validity is three years, prohibit the use of expired products; 


6.Should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment; 



Product details:



Disposable breathing circuit

Item No.:

6602211150, 6602221150, 6602211180, 6602221180, 6602211200, 6602221200,


medical polymer;

Color coded:


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